Tamil Nadu – Every Month 10,200 Consumers Opting ‘Give It Up’ scheme

A total of 6,73,347 families in Tamil Nadu state have opted out under ‘Give It Up’ scheme , in which consumers gave up subsidy on refills. By July 2015, the number of persons who gave up subsidy on cylinder refills was 1,01,354 in the State. State is having 1.01 crore active LPG consumers. As per one LPG data each month, an average of around 10,200 consumers of the three oil majors are giving up the subsidy. LPG Consumers use the option on the IVRS mode and also go online to opt out of getting subsidy .

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BJP Won Election Amidst LPG Price Hike

LPG Subsidy Giveitup

LPG Domestic cylinder price hike amidst Uttar Pradesh election was quite shocking for many political and election analysts. They thought that this price hike may go against BJP ruling party at the centre and they may loose the election in UP state  . This price was the maximum hike in last 70 years. Already , there was six time price increase from October 2016 for non-subsidized cylinder. Still , BJP won the election with 325 seats and more than 60% votes. This victory shows that majority of UP citizens knew that this price hike for non-subsidized cylinder not for subsidized cylinder, so they were not at all influenced by this price hike .

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Protest Against Price Hike in Domestic LPG Cylinders

LPG Price Hike Congress Protest

Central Government on last Wednesday , hiked the price of non-subsidised cooking gas (LPG) by Rs 86 per cylinder. According to Government it was done due to the reflecting international trends. Thus now the price of non-subsidised LPG will cost Rs 737.50 per cylinder. According to state-owned oil companies, till Tuesday it was priced at Rs 651.50 per 14.2-kg cylinder.

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New Suraksha LPG Hose Red Tube Best For Safety in Kitchen

LPG Domestic Cylinder Tube

There is warning for those who are using Green tube in their LPG domestic cylinder at their home. Consumers often use Green Tube in their kitchen , because it is easily available in the local markets, even sometime their dealer also sell the same green tube to them.
Experts say that Green Tube is quite dangerous , because it instantly reacts to the seasonal changes and thus multiple cracks can be seen on the pipes which in the course of the time deepens , which can be the reason of leakage of gas . So , consumers are advised to use Red Tube instead of green tube , because there is not any seasonal impact on that pipe / tube.

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Maharashtra – Maximum LPG Subsidy Surrendered Under “Give It Up”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign “Give It Up.”

Maharashtra has topped the list among those states in India which has given up maximum number of LPG Subsidy in the Country, under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign “Give It Up” . The total number of LPG subsidy surrendered in Maharashtra is 16,42, 814, which is highest in the country . Taking the centre’s campaign ahead, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had used various public forums to appeal to the upper strata of society to give up subsidy, so that it would help in providing the same to a larger number of those Below Poverty Line (BPL). This has shown positive response from the citizens and their concerns for the BPL families. The state had been aggressively pursuing the centre’s campaign in over a dozen metros in Maharashtra.

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Assam – LPG costlier by Rs 14

LPG Subsidy in Assam

Assam state government has increased VAT to 6 per cent from 5 per cent on 127 household goods with immediate effect. It has also withdrawn the partial subsidy of Rs 14 on domestic LPG cylinders and hiked the price of petrol by 76 paise per litre and diesel by Rs 1.67 a litre. This news came through a Gazette notification of the government .

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