Assam – LPG costlier by Rs 14

LPG Subsidy in Assam

Assam state government has increased VAT to 6 per cent from 5 per cent on 127 household goods with immediate effect. It has also withdrawn the partial subsidy of Rs 14 on domestic LPG cylinders and hiked the price of petrol by 76 paise per litre and diesel by Rs 1.67 a litre. This news came through a Gazette notification of the government .

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Find 17 digit LPG ID – Indane Online

Those who are consumer of Indane LPG service provider and looking for 17 digit LPG ID visit the official website on following link to get the LPG ID . lpgid

On this link they will find two options to get the ID i.e one is quick search and other is normal search . For quick search one need Aadhar number, consumer number , dealer name and mobile number while for normal search , one need to select their state name , District , distributor and consumer number .

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Indane – Poor Customer Service

Recently our team had done one survey in few capital towns of North India and few other important towns , which includes Lucknow , Patna , Kanpur, Allahabad where population density is quite high. The main aim was to find out what is quality of customer care services of LPG service provider. Because , most of the consumer need urgent help in the emergency and it is found that in many cases response from the customer care side has been half-hearted, which has really disappointed the consumer.

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Massive Fuel Cut For Aviation Industry In India

Its really shocking that the government is slashing ATF used in Aviation industry (read flights) by 9.5 percent but on the other hand the price of fuel used by common man diesel and petrol  is reduced by Rs. 3.6 and 2.43 respectively. Even the price of non subsidized cylinder of LPG is reduced by Rs. 23.5 (less than 5 percent) . Its quite ironical  that the rich mans fuel is getting the maximum reduction in price but the petrol which is used by lower middle class people in their bikes is still costly. Even the price cut in diesel is not at par with the price cut of ATF.
However, considering the fact that in last 18 months there has been decline of over 35 to 40 percent in the average crude price there should have been significant reduction in the price of petrol, diesel, ATF or any other fuel which is related to crude but the government has avoided any type of significant reduction in price by adding surcharge and taxes on the products derived from crude. People may not like the decision of the government which has increased the excise tax and different types of cess on petroleum products but the government has continuously made a point that this money would be used for compensating the fiscal deficit and financing the social welfare schemes.

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Haryana -15 Lakh LPG Consumers Not Interlinked With Bank Account

There are about 45.71 lakh Domestic LPG Cylinder Consumers in Haryana, however only 30.13 lakh consumers are able to get subsidy in their bank account as rest 15.54 lakh consumers were found ineligible for subsidy so their LPG connections was not interlinked with their bank account under Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme.

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Price Cut For Commercial Gas Cylinder in UP

UP ( Uttar Pradesh) Government from Wednesday has given relief to all LPG Gas Cylinder consumers. Domestic Gas Cylinder rate is reduced / cut by 17 Rs /- per cylinder, while Commercial Cylinder’s consumer  has been given relaxation of 72.50 Rs/-
Now the consume can avail commercial gas cylinder in 1286 Rs. Before the price cut the commercial cylinder was available at Rs 1358 /-.

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